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What are the necessary steps to sell your house fast?

If you need to sell your house fast for cash, we have the informative guide for you. We gathered information from regular home sellers and they provided the following information.

  1. Establish the value of your home

There are several reputable sites you can use to determine the market value of your property, but you could also hire a professional to help you through the entire process, including finding a valuation.

  1. Find a buyer

Again, finding a legitimate cash buyer might be more difficult without the help of a real estate agent, but it is doable. There are a ton of home selling services you’ll find both online and on the ground, but be sure to do your research because there are scammers and frauds out there.

  1. Evaluate offers

Hopefully you’ll find at least a couple of interested buyers, but either way make sure you acquire proof of funds. Remember that when selling for cash, you may sometimes have to settle for offers that are lower than you’d hope for. Depending on the market you may even struggle to find a buyer at a fair market price.

  1. Sign a purchase agreement

Once you’ve found a legitimate buyer whose offer you’re happy to accept, you’ll need to work with your agent and/or attorney to draw up a legal contract that both parties will sign. This acts as a legal foundation for the proof of transaction.

  1. Home inspection

It is extremely unlikely that your buyer will neglect to conduct a home inspection, so prepare for this step accordingly. If you’ve chosen to sell your house as-is, that will be stipulated in the contract and any repairs necessary will be handled by the buyer. Of course, this kind of sale will also lead to lower offers.

  1. Clear escrow and title

As a seller your attorney will be responsible for ensuring the legality of the sale. Even when selling a home for cash this final step is extremely important, and can delay things if you don’t have a clear title to the home.

  1. Review and sign closing documents

This is the official handover of your home to the seller, where you’ll sign all the necessary documentation in the presence of attorneys and real estate agents. Once the process is complete you’ll receive your payment as detailed, and the buyer will legally own your home.

  1. Identify a unique selling point

There must be something in the house that may attract the buyers. This can be a water fountain in the garden, a very fancy kitchen drawer for convenience, good furniture, or too many windows. After identifying the unique selling point, work on it and make it more appealing to the potential buyer. Remember to let them know about it as well. The unique selling point plays an important role in all the other steps as well.

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