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Facts About Why You Should Sell Your House to Direct Home Buyers

Sell as-is, without repairs or cleaning

Next, decide your list price, which depends on your home’s condition. Most sellers want the highest price for their house, but to acquire it, they must invest time and money in repairs. Many agents pitch sellers on three primary aspects that sell a house. First, aesthetics. Few sellers will command a premium price for weeds or dirt grounds, dead flower gardens, overgrown trees, peeling or discolored paint, broken front doors, crumbling fascia boards, aged windows, etc.

These repairs require time and money. Kitchens and baths are second. When these two rooms are upgraded, a home sells for more money. Buy new stainless-steel appliances, install slab counter-tops, repair outdated flooring, build a new vanity and toilet, or paint the walls. This costs money and time for sellers. 

No commission fees

At this point in hiring a real estate agent, you’ve agreed on what repairs you would and won’t make to get your house market-ready, which will match the list price. You then discuss the sales commission with the agent. After each interview, ask the agent about their commission. Your agent’s commission rewards the buyer’s agent for their work and professionalism. You can bargain if they agree. Commissions are generally 6%-7% of the sales price, and how much your agent will divide with a buyer’s agent is negotiable. Typically 2%-3%.

Larger sales prices mean higher agent commissions. Your money and time are used to  improve the value of your home. At 7%, the commission on a $700,000 house is $49,000. Imagine being unable to make repairs, advertising your house below the competition, and yet still paying a commission. When you sell directly to home buyers, you pay no commission and keep 7%.

Simple ways to close

Direct buyers frequently close more quickly than regular buyers and pay in full. Traditional home acquisitions typically involve bank prerequisites, mortgage underwriting, home inspector time, and a risk that the buyer may not ultimately qualify.

Lower-risk transactions

Selling to a pro is easy. They will outline every phase of the procedure and have short, straightforward as-is purchasing contracts. 

Reduced legal dangers

You won’t have to worry about the buyer discovering something you didn’t disclose or disliking the home or neighborhood. Under the most traditional real estate agreements, the buyer can sue if they don’t acquire all the information or if the facts are misinterpreted. Direct buyers are ready to take the property’s condition into account.


You should sell your home to direct home buyers if you are unable to make the necessary repairs to list your home and sell it to other buyers. In this case a direct home buyer will likely offer you a less complex process and save you some money on closing costs.

Wondering you should sell your house to direct home buyers? Maybe we can discuss more when you get in touch. Call us today!

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